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About R Score Calculator

The R Score (R-Score) is a number that serves as a benchmark for college students in Quebec. Quebec universities, primarily refer to a student’s R Score during the selection process. In fact, many students leave high school without knowing its function or how it’s calculated.

The R Score is calculated by using the following formula (since Autumn 2017) : (Z score * IDGZ + IFGZ + 5) x 5

IDGZ : Group dispersion indicator. A homogenous group has a high IDGZ, which means the students in this group are equally matched.
IFGZ : Indicator of group strength. The group strength now takes into account the level of difficulty to obtain high marks in high school.
What has been observed is an increase in the R scores of students in natural sciences around 1 to 2 pts (sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the classes and the cegep)
This new calculation eliminates the need to compensate the R scores of students in SLA or Bacc international programs.
It is difficult to obtain values for IDGZ and IFGZ as they not only depend of the students in each class, but also on their respective high school groups.


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